What can you do with a Hololens?

Anything you can do with a computer or smartphone -- only much, much better.

Take a glimpse at our Hololens reel:

We've been building our library of applications since before we received the device. Here is a short list of our offerings, which we will update as additions are made.

Have another idea for an application? Email us.

Furniture Placement

How will that clock really look on your wall? Does that chair match your existing upholstery? Don't guess -- place the furniture in your space holographically before you buy it. This application and concept has a multitude of uses across retail.

Philips Hue Light Control for Hololens

Philips Hue lightbulbs have a wonderful range of color and intensity options that call for so much more than a simple on and off switch. With our Hololens app, you can change the color and brightness in real time by air tapping holographic squares surrounding the lamp. Or simply turn it on and off.

Orchestra MR

Our dev Anthony is an audio engineer -- he dreamt up this application to mix instruments in a track by moving them around holographically in your physical space. It's a wonderful way to demonstrate the experience of mixing spatial audio.

Restaurant Experience

Holographically scroll through your menu at a restaurant and customize your plate before you order.


HoloMaps is a mini map that moves with your head about two feet in front of you, just below eye level. A small pink sphere marks your position in a hollow 3D mockup of whatever environment you've mapped -- in our case, the AfterNow offices -- and the tracker measures your position relative to an anchor, using that data to update your marker position on the mini map in realtime.