Augmented Reality in the Wine Industry

By surya kiran / 10 Mar 2020

Topics: augmented reality | blog

Augmented reality is changing how people interact and experience their surrounding environment. In the wine industry in particular, it is transforming marketing communication.

Augmented reality combined with artificial intelligence have been utilized by over  500 wineries around the world for cutting edge marketing that cleverly connects wine-labels with Millennial wine lovers.

Smartphone AR technology is being utilized to provide customers with an mesmerizing experience. Through their smartphones, users can hear narrations of the unique stories behind the labels.

The first ever augmented reality app for wine or spirit brands was introduced by 19 Crimes to promote their brand. Full information about the company’s wine and other beverages can be instantly viewed using the smartphone app.

Augmented reality is an immersive technology helping the wine industry engage the users on a deeper level and transmit their brands globally. It has proven to grab higher levels of attention on social media while increasing sales. We anticipate that many other wine producers will begin to realize the benefits of augmented reality.

In the future, consumers with augmented reality applications on their smartphones will potentially be able to point their phone at any American wine label and get the full story behind the wine and brand.