AfterNow consists of a highly experienced team of AR/MR developers and designers. Our work consists of proof of concepts, as well as practical applications and entertainment experiences for large corporations.

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AfterNow is a highly experienced, award-winning, team working on Mixed Reality; we started coding on the Hololens in 2015, months before their official release. As an early Microsoft Mixed Reality Partner (MRPP) and our dedication to augmented reality, we've accrued years of experiences that very few teams in the world have.

We focus on two domains, practical applications for AR at work and entertainment experiences.

On the practical side, we’ve built things such as new products concept to assist doctors in operating rooms for BD, AR proof of concepts for Hershey, Beem the Asynchronous collaboration platform for the Hyperloop (HTT), enabling design teams across the globe to collaborate on concepts and 3D designs. After building a lot of sales and presentation in mixed reality for fortune 500 companies, we created a platform for creating augmented reality presentations: AfterNow Prez.

On the entertainment side, we build experiences like the VRLA MR Easter Egg Hunts (for which we won the prestigious Auggie award) and games like AlienWave on the Mira Prism.

Thanks to our experience and in-depth knowledge in augmented reality glasses technologies, we now work closely with R&D departments of large companies in health care, technology, transportation, aerospace, and education, supporting their efforts in creating new products based around Augmented Reality.

Our mixed reality design process is part of Microsoft case study for best practices for designing mixed reality experiences.

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Our mission is to enhance the way humans interact with machines to work, learn, play, and socialize.