AfterNow is a software design and development agency specializing in mixed reality applications.

At AfterNow, we build the future of human and computer interaction for work and entertainment. We believe in a future in which screens become obsolete and the virtual world merges with our physical environment.

We are looking for a passionate 3D artist/designer to join our talented team in order to build this future.

As part of AfterNow’s creative team you will:

  • Play a large role in the creative direction of all products we work on at AfterNow
  • Participate in AfterNow’s ideation workshops at early stages of every project
  • Be a pioneer in the field and set the standard for design practices for augmented reality

You are:

  • Passionate: you love exploring how 3D interfaces can improve a user’s productivity and are interested in setting the standards for user interactions in augmented reality. You are genuinely interested in AR, VR, and gaming inside and outside of work hours
  • A self-motivated team player: you feel comfortable working with other people, styles and opinions and you believe collaboration always brings out the best. On the other hand, you are able to shoulder your own responsibilities when needed and motivate yourself to complete tasks.
  • User-centered: you prioritizes the end user above all else.
  • Someone who stays in the know: you are knowledgeable of various design principles along with industry trends
  • A clever challenger: you obsessively question the necessity of every feature and can provide justification for any feature you design. You’re not afraid to challenge traditional design practices


  • Creating style guides for a variety of industries and users
  • 3D modelling and asset creation Collaborate cohesively with the team to make design decisions
  • Rapid prototyping and user testing
  • Cultivate a positive team dynamic and exhibit a professional attitude, demonstrating a good balance between creativity and practical flexibility
  • Explain complex problems clearly and present potential solutions with their advantages and disadvantages to teammates


  • Degree in Product Design or equivalent, or 3+ years of professional experience as a Modeler, UI/UX Designer or a similar role
  • Use 3D modelling softwares (preferably Maya or Blender) to create assets and the export models, materials, textures and shaders that are compatible with Unity
  • Excellent communication, presentation, and interpersonal skills including the ability to communicate designs clearly and persuasively across different audiences
  • Experience creating personas, flow diagrams and low fidelity wireframes
  • Ability to create rapid prototypes and iterate on designs quickly throughout a given project
  • Awareness of the constraints faced by an AR mobile game and the impact they have on design/architecture
  • Ability to respond positively to critique and iterate on feedback
  • Excellent time-management and organization in order to deliver promptly on deadlines

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Experience working with Microsoft Mixed Reality toolkit
  • Experience running design workshops with clients

Job Location:

Culver City, CA, USA