About AfterNow

At AfterNow we've been building the future of human interactions with the machine for work and entertainment. We believe in the future where screens will disappear and our virtual world will merge with the physical.
We are looking for a passionate developer to join our team of talented visionaries developers and artists in building this future.

Job description

We are looking for a full time developer at our Bangalore location to work on existing React projects. This is mainly ReactJS position with possibilities to work on React Native a project.

Some key responsibilities include:

  • Assessing UI/UX designs for technical feasibility
  • Collaborate with back-end developers to design and build a robust API
  • Ability to provide accurate estimates when assessing user stories for upcoming sprints
  • Hands-on development of front-end code (JSX, Sass, ES6)
  • Our technology stack:
    • ES6 / JS2015
    • ReactJS / Redux
    • ExpressJS
    • Sass (CSS pre-processor)
    • Webpack
    • Git


  • Front-end MVC framework experience (React / Redux, Angular, Backbone)
  • Experience working with API’s
  • Expert understanding of HTML5 and CSS3 best-practices
  • Experience with Git (or other version-control systems)
  • Webpack or other build / task-automation tools (Gulp, Grunt)

Nice to have:

  • Full-stack Javascript development experience (NodeJS)
  • AR/VR frameworks : A-Frame, BabyloneJS, ThreeJS
  • Experience writing unit tests using Mocha/Chai/Karma (or similar frameworks)
  • Experience with Continuous Integration solutions (e.g. Travis CI, Jenkins)