5 lessons learned from almost 18 months into Holacracy

The AfterNow team meets for a weekly Tactical meeting. It's been almost a year since our last article on Holacracy [https://www.afternow.io/our-company-is-six-months-into-holacracy-heres-how-were-doing/]. Looking back as our facilitator, I can see where we were, our lessons learned, and how the changes we have made have improved our governing.

Our company is six months into Holacracy. Here’s how we're doing.

In my previous post, I marked the beginning of our trek into Holacracy [http://blog.htmlfusion.com/opening-night-of-holacracy/]. We've had time to sink our teeth into the process and suss out some real change, but this has been a hell of a ramp up. Some parts of Holacracy have been

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