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By Anne McKinnon / 08 Sep 2022

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AfterNow Prez is an end-to-end software solution for making and distributing curriculum in augmented reality and virtual reality.

Prez for educators features a drag & drop interface based on traditional tools like Google Slides and PowerPoint. With seamless onboarding and a minimal learning curve, it’s easy to bring course material into a new dimension.

There are many reasons why transitioning from 2D to 3D learning is beneficial to educators and students alike:

Preparing Course Material is as Easy as Drag & Drop

Rather than creating text-heavy and time-consuming powerpoints, use only visuals and a few keywords for each lesson segment.

Just as you save a .jpeg or .png, then drag and drop it into a 2D presentation, it’s possible to find ready-made, freely accessible. Pre-animated 3D assets through platforms like Sketchfab, the process is the same for AfterNow Prez to drag and drop 3D assets.  

The only difference? Improved delivery of a lesson and less work to do so.

For example, demonstrate scale, color, positioning, movement, and contrast by using ready-made 3D assets. See below for a model of the solar system that conveys in one 3D experience what would otherwise in a 2D presentation require numerous bullet points, text, and image blocks to deliver the same lesson.

The same principles apply to science, math, literature, engineering, history, architecture, computer science, medicine, economics, and the law.

Create course material with simple drag & drop templates and short text blurbs to save time and deliver education with impact.

All Students Receive a One-On-One Session

Our software enables educators to simultaneously deliver a premium one-on-one lesson to any number of students. When students enter your presentation, they are immediately situated in a custom, distraction-free, and avatar-free learning environment.

Every student sees content from the same point of view and hears the same audio quality.

When you raise your hand in AfterNow Prez, your hand movement is recognized, and the presenter is notified. No need to discover a menu or become distracted by complex interfaces. The entire focus remains on the lesson being presented.
As everyone becomes a digital native, particularly generations entering their first year of higher education, top-tier universities will need to accelerate digital adoption to remain relevant throughout the education lifecycle.

Benefits of VR in Education: Image: Steve Bambury

Recruiters from Fortune 500 firms are looking for talent who can prepare their company for the next paradigm shift in how we live and work, with augmented reality, virtual reality, and 3D thinking playing a crucial role in day-to-day proceedings.

Presentations are central to communicating information. It all starts with that first step and a principle ingrained in AfterNow Prez's features: clear and concise messaging designed for immediate and long-lasting comprehension.

With AfterNow Prez, deliver a one-on-one lesson to any number of students simultaneously, and prepare your students to become leaders in a 3D digitized world.

Equal Learning Opportunity for On-Campus and Remote Students

Augmented reality and virtual reality presentations made with AfterNow Prez can be delivered live, pre-recorded, and self-guided. For educators and students alike, this enables the material to be prepared and delivered at any moment, anywhere, with no disadvantage for students joining remotely.

Whether on campus or engaging through remote learning, every student has the same opportunity to receive a high-quality education.

The onboarding process is seamless for students, with even fewer steps when compared to logging in through an on-campus or remote-learning portal. Students can put on their headsets, select the app for AfterNow Prez, enter the course’s unique presentation code, and begin their journey.

These are only a few of the benefits that 3D presentations bring to educators, students, and even educational institutions that gain a competitive advantage and more distinct positioning in the market.

From complex post-doctorate material to elementary level courses, AfterNow Prez equips educators with the tools needed to make and deliver premium curriculum in augmented reality and virtual reality.

Anne McKinnon

Journalist and writer at the intersection of innovation and entertainment. Editor and contributor to Forbes' writer Charlie Fink’s book “Convergence” on 5G and AR. Global conference host.