Anne McKinnon

Journalist and writer at the intersection of innovation and entertainment. Editor and contributor to Forbes' writer Charlie Fink’s book “Convergence” on 5G and AR. Global conference host.

This Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Presentation Tool is Helping Medical Doctors with Professional Development

By Anne McKinnon / 16 August , 2021

From scanning technology to 3D tools, augmented reality and virtual reality, these technologies are bringing new perspectives to complex medical cases and providing the resources to share unique insights that can ultimately result in a higher standard of care.

Wind Turbines: Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Presentations for Sales, Demos, and Engineering

By Anne McKinnon / 11 August , 2021

With Virtual Reality, your prospect can visit the inside of their future wind turbine before manufacturing it. It is enabling a better understanding of its properties, values, and operations.

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