Various industries and use cases where AfterNow bring value

Prez Evaluation Kit

Bring AfterNow Prez into your organization with our evaluation kit.

AfterNow Prez for Meetings

With AfterNow Prez, quickly and easily create and deliver premium presentations that drive results.

The Future of Presentations is 3D

Your audience is multidimensional, and the future of communication and presentations is too.

Solar System Virtual Reality class to engage students

Learn a little bit about the solar system in virtual reality with AfterNow Prez mini class. Perfect educator to bring VR in the classroom

New technology to support sophisticated sales of wind turbines

Afternow Prez allows your first impression to move from “just another sales presentation” to a singular experience for your prospects.

3D Thinking, User Experience for AR or VR

Our focus on AR-enabled us over the years to develop new processes and user experience patterns, taking the design of augmented reality experiences to the next level. Praised by a few of the fortune 500 companies, our process will bring your AR product to life.

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