Solar System Virtual Reality class to engage students

By Philippe Lewicki / 15 Feb 2021

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An example of a virtual reality class or Augmented Reality class;  a short introduction to the solar system and some of its planets.

Recent studies and reports suggest that using virtual reality for training and education increases engagement and knowledge retention.

Our platform is perfect for educators that want to bring part of a class in VR.

This mini class's goal is to demonstrate that no technical knowledge specific to AR or VR is required when creating classes with AfterNow Prez.
All the images, videos and 3D assets are either from Nasa free 3D library or Sketchfab.

This mini-class is an intro to our Solar System, where we go from the solar system planets down to rocks on the floor of Mars. There is much more to say about our Solar system, and if an astronomy teacher wants to work with us, we can build a full series of classes.

Presentation ID: 74564508

The best way to experience it is with a VR or AR headset. If by chance you have access to an Oculus Quest or a Microsoft Hololens, you can install AfterNow Prez.

Install Prez on the Quest (click here for instructions) or Hololens (click here for instructions) Once Prez is installed start Prez on the login prompt select Guest access and enter the Prez ID: 74564508

The mini-class on the Solar System presentation id is: 74564508

If you do not have access to a VR or AR headset, here is a video recording from the Oculus Quest:

If you want to use this class with your students, send us an email so we can give you a copy, then we suggest doing it in 2 steps. First, send the presentation id to your students to watch it on their own time, then bring all your students in VR during the class to answer any questions and extend on some of the subjects.

If you are an educator looking into VR and AR to engage your students; reach out today at
We are striving to figure out how to leverage AR and VR to learn better and communicate; we would love to support you, your projects, and ideas of classes you would like to see in XR.

If you want to get started with AfterNow Prez and create your first presentation, check the getting started tutorial.

If you want a full detailed tutorial on how we did build the Solar System presentation, check out the Create your first class for Virtual Reality.

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