AfterNow Prez for Sales: Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Presentations

By Anne McKinnon / 05 Jul 2022

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AfterNow Prez is a software suite that lets anyone create stunning augmented reality and virtual reality presentations.

Our code-free, drag and drop interface resembles Microsoft Office PowerPoint and Google Slides, making it seamless to bring your sales pipeline into a new dimension.

Use ready-made 3D assets from online stores like Sketchfab, or import custom assets.

Innovative sales strategies are more in demand from investors, partners, and customers. Augmented reality and virtual reality presentations provide your audience with a one-of-a-kind and memorable experience that stands out from the competition, showing that your approach and vision are ahead of the curve.

When to use Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality for Sales

Augmented reality and virtual reality presentations for sales are best used to demonstrate complex designs and bulky products that would otherwise be expensive to ship or show like cars, yachts, factory machinery, and medical devices.

Ideal use cases include internal sales initiatives, such as onboarding new sales representatives, and business development associates, and preparing teams for conferences and events where your company will have just a few days to make an impression with the global market.

AR and VR presentations are also valuable when it comes to showcasing data that can be a key part of the decision-making process. Show cost savings, ROI, energy consumption in comparison to competitors, or the lifetime of components and business impact, or even market projections and opportunity. These concepts can be difficult to communicate in a high-stakes sales meeting or on the sales floor, but in augmented reality and virtual reality, data in proportionate scale and color is comprehensible at a single glance.

The Future of Sales is 3D

Audiences are interacting with 3D content more and more, and expect to see it as a part of the consumer experience or sales process. According to the 2021 report by Snap and Deloitte, Ar boasts a 94% higher conversion rate, and 76% of people expect and desire to use AR as a practical tool in their everyday lives.

Further, research by the University of Maryland shows a 10% higher recall achieved with AR and VR content and that 85% of augmented reality and virtual reality presenters agree that immersive presentations have a positive impact on their audiences.

Technavio released in-depth market research of AR and VR, predicting that the market growth in AR and VR will accelerate at a CAGR of almost 46%:

Technavio has announced its latest market research report titled Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Market by Technology and Geography - Forecast and Analysis 2021-2025

Especially in the last year, our digital habits have changed. Digital innovation strategies that were previously thought to take five years, have already taken place. Sales teams, their customers, calls, and conferences are happening online and remote more than ever before, a trend that will continue.

Having a highly effective sales strategy to stay ahead of the competition means integrating virtual reality and augmented reality into the sales pipeline, training key stakeholders, and deploying AR and VR headsets in the workplace to easily make impactful 3D presentations, practice delivery, and ship for high-value sales presentations.

AfterNow Prez seamlessly integrates into sales processes. Sign up for a demo, and start making AR and VR presentations today, or work with our team for bespoke presentations.

We also offer a 3D thinking workshop to get your team ready to take your sales into a new dimension.  

Anne McKinnon

Journalist and writer at the intersection of innovation and entertainment. Editor and contributor to Forbes' writer Charlie Fink’s book “Convergence” on 5G and AR. Global conference host.