Tutorials and How To related to augmented reality, virtual reality and AfterNow Prez

Install Prez and watch your first presentation

A quick tutorial on getting started with Prez to watch your first presentation

How to join an AfterNow Prez presentation on Quest

Join an AfterNow Prez virtual reality presentation on the Quest.

Creating beautiful animated AR/VR experiences with Sketchfab & Prez

Sketchfab offers an almost unlimited amount of beautiful 3D models. With Prez brings those 3D models to life in an AR or VR experiences to share with co-workers or potential clients.

How to stream your virtual reality presentation over Zoom or Microsoft Teams

Quick tutorial on streaming presentations created in AfterNow Prez during a Zoom or Teams video call. To engage your student in a class or impress a prospect.

How to join an AfterNow Prez presentation on Hololens

Join an AfterNow Prez augmented reality presentation on the Hololens

AfterNow Prez getting started

How to get started with AfterNow Prez Remote and create your first presentation in augmented reality or virtual reality.

Where to find 3D models for AfterNow Prez

This is a list of website with 3D models you can download or purchase to insert in your AfterNow Prez presentation.

Exporting animation with mesh in glb/gltf from Character Creator 3 and i clone for #sandbox

As we discussed earlier, we know glTF is a file format for 3D scenes and models using the JSON standard. It is an API-neutral runtime asset delivery format developed by the Khronos Group 3D Formats .

Create 3D models with Virtual Reality

Today anyone can create beautiful 3D content for AR/VR by using virtual reality

Pipeline for Custom Avatars in Mozzila Hubs

A step by step guide to creating a custom avatar in Mozzila Hubs using Blender.

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