Install Prez and watch your first presentation

By Philippe Lewicki / 22 Jun 2022

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Here is a step by step tutorial on getting AfterNow Prez installed and joined a presentation.


AfterNow Prez is not yet on the Oculus Store. It is on Oculus App Lab, to install it you will need to follow this link:

Click on the "Get" blue button. If you are not login it will ask you to login with Facebook and authorize Oculus aka MetaQuest.
Once the button display in dark blue with "Purchased" it means the app as been added to your app library in your Quest.

Starting the app

Go in your Quest look for the 9 little squares button to open your app's library. On the top-right drop-down, select Not Installed, look for AfterNow Prez Beta, and click on it, it will install and start.

Choose a presentation

If you already have a presentation ID for the presentation jump to Join a presentation.

We have a list of featured presentation the Presentation menu above.

Join a presentation

Once the app open, you will see the Login Menu. To join someone else's presentation, you can either log into your User Account or uses Guest Access.

The quickest way to attend someone else's presentation is to join as a Guest. To do so:

  • Select the Guest Access tab.
  • Enter your name (optional)
  • Enter the eight-digit Presentation ID.
  • Click Visit Presentation.

Start and navigate the presentation

Click here if you are using your hands instead of the controllers:

Philippe Lewicki

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