Philippe Lewicki

 Culver City

Immersed in augmented reality for the past 4 years, international technology speakers. Philippe is working at AfterNow creating the future of human and machines interactions.

3D Thinking, quick introduction

By Philippe Lewicki / 10 March , 2021

We are 3D physical creatures living in a virtual 2D world for so long that we have lost the ability to think three-dimensionally.

How to stream your virtual reality presentation over Zoom or Microsoft Teams

By Philippe Lewicki / 25 February , 2021

Quick tutorial on streaming presentations created in AfterNow Prez during a Zoom or Teams video call. To engage your student in a class or impress a prospect.

Solar System Virtual Reality class to engage students

By Philippe Lewicki / 15 February , 2021

Learn a little bit about the solar system in virtual reality with AfterNow Prez mini class. Perfect educator to bring VR in the classroom

How to join an AfterNow Prez presentation on Hololens

By Philippe Lewicki / 26 January , 2021

Join an AfterNow Prez augmented reality presentation on the Hololens

AfterNow Prez public Beta

By Philippe Lewicki / 19 January , 2021

AfterNow Prez is now in Public Beta available for Download on Microsoft Hololens and Oculus Quest via SideQuest or Oculus for Business

AfterNow Prez getting started

By Philippe Lewicki / 18 January , 2021

How to get started with AfterNow Prez Remote and create your first presentation in augmented reality or virtual reality.

New technology to support sophisticated sales of wind turbines

By Philippe Lewicki / 18 January , 2021

Afternow Prez allows your first impression to move from “just another sales presentation” to a singular experience for your prospects.

Beta 2 Release for AfterNow Prez Remote

By Philippe Lewicki / 23 November , 2020

We are releasing today AfterNow Prez Remote biggest update, full of new features and improvements. From uploading 3D models, self-serve presentations to network stability

Where to find 3D models for AfterNow Prez

By Philippe Lewicki / 12 October , 2020

This is a list of website with 3D models you can download or purchase to insert in your AfterNow Prez presentation.

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