Philippe Lewicki

 Culver City

Immersed in augmented reality for the past 4 years, international technology speakers. Philippe is working at AfterNow creating the future of human and machines interactions.

3D Thinking™: Getting Started with Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

By Philippe Lewicki / 23 June , 2021

For newcomers to Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and 3D, this three-step guide to getting started is for you. This means

Creating beautiful animated AR/VR experiences with Sketchfab & Prez

By Philippe Lewicki / 15 June , 2021

Sketchfab offers an almost unlimited amount of beautiful 3D models. With Prez brings those 3D models to life in an AR or VR experiences to share with co-workers or potential clients.

Oculus Launch Pad 2020 demo

By Philippe Lewicki / 18 May , 2021

This presentation was created for the Oculus Launch Pad demo day. Its a short presentation that actually present the Oculus Lunch Pad in Prez

Prez Evaluation Kit

By Philippe Lewicki / 18 May , 2021

Bring AfterNow Prez into your organization with our evaluation kit.

AfterNow Prez for Meetings

By Philippe Lewicki / 18 May , 2021

With AfterNow Prez, quickly and easily create and deliver premium presentations that drive results.

Show Case presentation

By Philippe Lewicki / 18 May , 2021

The show case presentation is a set of visualization examples and use cases where AR/VR bring the most value to your communication.

3D Thinking™ :

By Philippe Lewicki / 10 March , 2021

We are 3D physical creatures living in a virtual 2D world for so long that we have lost the ability to think three-dimensionally.

How to stream your virtual reality presentation over Zoom or Microsoft Teams

By Philippe Lewicki / 25 February , 2021

Quick tutorial on streaming presentations created in AfterNow Prez during a Zoom or Teams video call. To engage your student in a class or impress a prospect.

Solar System Virtual Reality class to engage students

By Philippe Lewicki / 15 February , 2021

Learn a little bit about the solar system in virtual reality with AfterNow Prez mini class. Perfect educator to bring VR in the classroom

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