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Prez Beta 2.0

By Philippe Lewicki / 31 October , 2022

Beta of Prez 2.0 is now available on Meta Quest with App Lab

AfterNow Prez for Education

By Anne McKinnon / 08 September , 2022

Prez for educators features an interface based on traditional tools like Google Slides and PowerPoint. With a minimal learning curve, to bring course materials into virtual reality.

AfterNow Prez for Sales: Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Presentations

By Anne McKinnon / 05 July , 2022

Innovative sales strategies are more in demand from investors, partners, and customers. AR/VR presentations provide your audience with a one-of-a-kind and memorable experience that stands out from the competition, showing that your approach and vision are ahead of the curve.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality for Museums and Exhibitions

By Anne McKinnon / 05 July , 2022

Augmented reality and virtual reality are the first mediums that allow visitors to fully immerse in an experience. Whether the Cambrian Age, the first cities emerging in Mesopotamia, or maybe events even closer to the present day like World War II, we can relive moments in time and space.

3D Presentations: Why Are They Better?

By Anne McKinnon / 22 June , 2022

What are the benefits of using AR and VR to communicate and create presentations? How does it compare with current 2D presentations?

Install Prez and watch your first presentation

By Philippe Lewicki / 22 June , 2022

A quick tutorial on getting started with Prez to watch your first presentation

Covid Death in 3D, Data visualization

By Philippe Lewicki / 03 February , 2022

3D visualization of covid 19 death in the USA.

AfterNow Prez and Spatial: What is the Difference?

By Anne McKinnon / 11 January , 2022

Simply put, AfterNow Prez focuses on the creation and delivery of a polished presentation to an audience, while Spatial is primarily a meeting platform.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Presentations for Data Visualization

By Anne McKinnon / 22 December , 2021

With augmented reality and virtual reality presentations, show your audience what data means in one simple 3D and interactive experience to deliver a winning communication strategy.

This Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Presentation Tool is Helping Medical Doctors with Professional Development

By Anne McKinnon / 16 August , 2021

From scanning technology to 3D tools, augmented reality and virtual reality, these technologies are bringing new perspectives to complex medical cases and providing the resources to share unique insights that can ultimately result in a higher standard of care.

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