The Future of Presentations is 3D

By Anne McKinnon / 18 May 2021

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Your audience is multidimensional, and the future of communication and presentations is too.

This blog post is the third installment in the 3D Thinking Series, following 3D Thinking: Getting Started with Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.

In this piece, we will apply what you have learned about thinking and creating in 3D to choosing the right platform and delivery method for your use case.

Now that you are familiar with 3D creativity and design, there are just five key considerations before getting started with your first augmented reality or virtual reality presentation:

Audience Size

Presenting in 3D means that no matter the audience size, every individual is in the front seat.

In augmented reality and virtual reality, you can present to a conference-sized audience or a small group of executive decision-makers, and each person will experience a VIP one-on-one presentation.

For a small or large audience, the benefits are clear. Each person receives a premium 3D presentation which maximizes comprehension, recall, and engagement as they become familiar and invested in your mission.

Also, consider if your presentation will be remote or in-person, which will determine whether augmented reality or virtual reality is the ideal device:

Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality

Virtual reality will immerse your audience in a 360 degree simulated reality, with 100% of their attention on the presentation. This is great for remote presentations, for audiences who may be distracted at home, and also for extremely detailed presentations where full immersion will lend to further understanding in relation to scale, color, and positioning in a fully simulated environment.

Augmented reality overlays 3D content in the real world. This is ideal for collective presentation experiences where multiple stakeholders are in the same room. It enables the presenter to further engage with their audience, and also for their audience to feel connected to the host and other participants. In a live scenario with first-time users, audiences are often more comfortable in augmented reality as they are physically grounded in the comfort of reality and with their colleagues.

Type of Presentation

What is the context of your presentation? Is it a high-stakes presentation that will close the deal, is it a conference where there is a more passive audience, a seminar or lecture, or is it a strategy meeting where collaboration and conversation are important between users?

These considerations will affect the type of platform that you use:


If you have any questions about which is the best platform for your use case, you can contact us here:

Spatial Engage VR Mozilla Hubs Altspace VR AfterNow Prez
Interactive Prototypes No No No No Great
Meeting with 3D presentations Good Fine Fine Limited Great
Speaker Presentations Fine Good Fine Good Great
Product Pitch Limited Limited Limited Limited Great
Product Design & Reviews Fine Fine Limited Limited Great
Education & Remote Learning Limited Great Fine Limited Great
Training Limited Great Limited Fine Great
Creating & Distributing Premium content Limited Limited Hard Hard Great
Data Visualization Good Good Limited Limited Great
Post-it ideation Great Good Limited No No
Cross-Platform Meetings Great Limited Great Fine Limited
Daily Meetings Great Great Good Fine Fine
Brainstorming Great Great Limited Limited Limited

The core differentiator is that AfterNow Prez is intended for first-time users to deliver premium presentations, with a sleek, easy-to-use, and familiar interface, while other platforms are primarily used for getting people together in collaborative environments.

Our key benefits include:

  • Platform agnostic
  • Professional software to deliver premium presentations
  • Familiar and easy-to-use interfaces
  • Seamless onboarding
  • Distraction-free delivery

Headset Rentals and Shipping

It’s easy to rent, receive and distribute augmented reality and virtual reality headsets to your audience.

We assist with headset rentals, shipping, and on boarding.

Now that you have a better understanding of augmented reality and virtual reality presentations, platforms, and key benefits, it’s time to get started with your own.

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Credit: Cover picture from Oleg Bercea

Anne McKinnon

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