AlienWave a Mira Prism game

By Philippe Lewicki / 27 Dec 2017

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We’ve built one of the first game for the Mira Prism, its an arcade style game called Alien Wave.

It’s a pretty addictive alien defense first-person shooter inspired by the classic Space Invader.

Mira Prism

The Mira Prism is a new augmented reality headset available for pre-order for $99. It’s a device that you can slide your iPhone into to create an augmented reality experience. You can then see virtual objects floating in the air or attached to a marker. It comes with a small controller similar to the Google Daydream’s controller.

The purpose in Alien Wave is to save earth from an alien invasion and free the solar system.

The detailed story is as follows:

Year 1957

Aliens from afar have travelled through the Milky Way to conquer our solar system.

Having established ground on the outer planets, the aliens are now preparing an attack on earth from behind the moon.

In order to defend earth, global leaders have sponsored a covert operation to refurbish the recon UFO that crashed into Roswell in 1947. They are sending you, the best of the best, in the ship to fight the aliens off.

The fate of the human race is in your hands.

Flash gordon
50s spaceships
Rocket Power

We used toys, comics and movies from the 50’s as inspiration to create the alien ships, guns and environment .


Most of the modeling was done in Maya, but for the first time, we experimented with modeling and sketching some of the assets using virtual reality -- more specifically GravitySketch:

Gravitysketch start

Gravity sketch end

For the game play, we researched a lot of invasion games on various platforms including mobile, Google DayDream and the HTC Vive. We did a lot of user testing, using our meetup and various AR / VR events across Los Angeles. Using an iterative process, collecting user feedback for every sprint, we think we found the right balance between casual, fun and challenging to compete.

Philippe Lewicki

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