How to bring mixed reality to your business

By Melissa Kaplan / 29 Sep 2016

Topics: story

If you're some distance from the tech sector, mixed reality seems like a far-fetched prospect. Are we really at the point where we can use holograms for everyday work?


Put on a Hololens and the world changes. Web browsers hover in air, and objects stay where you place them. Laptops and smartphones become obsolete; you can walk anywhere and do your computing hands-free.

As mixed reality developers, building real-world applications is a part of our job.

Our developers became involved with holographic user interfaces about two years ago and began experimenting with makeshift hardware set-ups (see Holo UI, one of our exciting later experiments).

Microsoft was interested in our early work in this space and invited us to try the Hololens in their space. Several months later, we enrolled Microsoft's Hololens Agency Readiness Program.

Melissa Kaplan

Culver City