Our services focus on Augmented Reality includes user experience design, custom application development and solution integration.

Why, When and How to Use Augmented Reality (AR) Presentations

By Philippe Lewicki / 07 January , 2020

Learn why, when and how you should use augmented reality (AR) presentations in business and the benefits of AR presentations compared to traditional methods.

Mixed Reality User Experience & Consulting

By Philippe Lewicki / 19 August , 2019

We believe we can change the workplace to become more productive and human at the same time as this new generation of technologies. Our focus on AR-enabled us over the years to develop new processes and user experience patterns taking the design of augmented reality experiences to the next level.

Augmented reality custom development & design

By Philippe Lewicki / 16 August , 2019

Our top skills include designing and building practical applications for mixed reality (AR, VR, MR). We design new products for existing industries anticipating the revolution of augmented reality.

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