Project North Star Review

By Simi Shenoy / 02 March , 2020

Today this is a review for something very different in augmented reality - not a commercial product. The North Star augmented reality headset was initiated by Leap Motion (now UltraLeap) and became open source. They had a concept of an AR headset that would be controlled by the hands.

Spatial Review - Collaborating in AR

By Simi Shenoy / 17 February , 2020

Spatial Review - Collaborating in AR. Spatial, an augmented reality platform startup, just raised 14 million dollars of Series A funding – and for good reason – it’s one of the most promising collaborative AR platforms currently in development.

5G Smart-City; Interactive AR

By Simi Shenoy / 15 December , 2019

AfterNow created an interactive augmented reality experience superimposed on a scaled down physical model of a 1.5 mile autonomous vehicle testing strip (sized 8’ X 3’) to highlight various components of Sprint 5G and Peachtree Corner's smart city infrastructure.

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