WebVR Meetup: How AfterNow built OpenHouse VR

I'll be giving a talk on how and why we built OpenHouse VR [] using A-Frame [], an html markup framework for virtual reality in your web browser. April 6th from 6 to 9pm at NextSpace Los Angeles 9415 Culver Blvd, Culver

March Mixed Reality Meetup in Los Angeles

Our March mixed reality meetup is coming up, bringing together an engaged group of mixed and augmented reality developers, creators and entrepreneurs. Come meet the community, ask questions about the devices from working developers, and try new demos before they hit the market. Mixed Reality Talks and Demos Thurs., March

Hololens meetup wrap-up: Hue lights, mixed reality UX, and storytelling

Our first mixed reality meetup was a success! Here's a video wrap-up: We gave a demo of our Hololens Hue Lights app, released last week on the Microsoft Store (it's free! Download it here [] if you have

Los Angeles VR and Immersive Technologies Meetup

This Saturday, I will be speaking at the LA VR and Immersive Technology Meetup along with Roy Taylor, Vice President at AMD. Get your ticket here (it's free): Meetup info: I will be talking about mixed realities, the convergence of

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