Hololens meetup wrap-up: Hue lights, mixed reality UX, and storytelling

By Melissa Kaplan / 08 Feb 2017

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Our first mixed reality meetup was a success! Here's a video wrap-up:

We gave a demo of our Hololens Hue Lights app, released last week on the Microsoft Store (it's free! Download it here if you have a Hololens and let us know what you think). Our friends at Ayzenberg Group had a Hololens demo of a game for Sanic the Hedgehog, the popular low-fi Sonic-homage meme.

Our captain Philippe gave a talk about UX in mixed reality and things we've learned in the process of designing and developing for Hololens. Joey Jones of Ayzenberg Group spoke about producing marketing videos and storytelling with Hololens.

Our next mixed reality meetup will be Thursday, March 23 at AfterNow HQ (details and sign up here). We're still deciding on a theme -- email me at melissa@afternow.io with ideas.

Melissa Kaplan

Culver City