Hololens Hue Lights app is live on the Microsoft Store

We're proud to release our first public Hololens app. It's free! Grab a Hololens and Philips Hue light bulb and bridge and download the app here []. Take a tour here: It's been an educational journey

Hololens meetup wrap-up: Hue lights, mixed reality UX, and storytelling

Our first mixed reality meetup was a success! Here's a video wrap-up: We gave a demo of our Hololens Hue Lights app, released last week on the Microsoft Store (it's free! Download it here [] if you have

Improving UX on our Hololens light-controlling app using 3D space

Our mixed reality experiences are continuing to evolve as we expand  our practices in holographic UX. We can see the changes in our HoloLens  Hue app, one of our earliest applications and "lights on" moments when  we began exploring the Hololens' potential to work with the Internet

Controlling lights with the Hololens and Internet of Things

After using the Hololens for a few weeks, it's become very clear that  this device is the missing link between human movement and the Internet  of Things. And the first way we're demonstrating this is by changing  the way we control Philips Hue lights. Right now,

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