AR/VR killed the video star

At the end of this year, and early next year, we will see the first  signs of how the medium that we call mixed reality (augmented and  virtual reality) will take its rightful place in entertainment with  books, radio, TV, streaming, movie theaters and gaming. The popularity of escape rooms,

Making of: The Award Winning 'Mixed Reality Easter Egg Hunt'

VRLA Mixed Reality Easter Egg HuntAn unlikely project that became the highlight of VRLA 2017 IntroObjectiveOur objective was to create a mass-scale mixed reality Easter egg hunt using the HoloLens. InceptionVRLA co-founder, John Root, originally pitched the idea to Microsoft.  Microsoft then reached out to AfterNow, Microsoft's HoloLens agency  partners,

Case Study: Mixed Reality Easter Egg Hunt

The first largest out of home augmented reality experience

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