Microsoft Remote Assist Review

Remote assistance is today the most widely deployed augmented reality use case with hardware and software solutions ready to deploy for enterprises and businesses. This use case can work with most AR headsets from monocular devices up to see-through stereo glasses.

Case Study: Mixed Reality Easter Egg Hunt

The first largest out of home augmented reality experience

VRLA Mixed Reality Easter Egg Hunt

This year for Virtual Reality Los Angeles (a.k.a. VRLA [http://]), we're building a Mixed Reality Easter Egg Hunt in partnership with Microsoft Hololens. It's an ambitious project with a very tight deadline. Our mission is  to demonstrate how the Hololens can be used for

Volumetric capture will be key for mixed and virtual reality content. Here's how it works.

It's not easy to explain the concept of volumetric capture -- and why this field of technology will soon be instrumental for virtual and mixed reality -- when you haven’t seen it in action yet. But I will try. Volumetric capture is a technique used to film footage in

Tales from the Hololens Academy: The many colorful roads to proof-of-concept ideation

This is part of our series covering our sessions at Microsoft's Hololens Agency Readiness program, something we're excited to be participating in with only a few other agencies. Read more about our work with Hololens (and mixed reality) here []. During our first session at

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