By Philippe Lewicki / 19 Sep 2019

VRLA Mixed Reality Easter Egg Hunt

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This year for Virtual Reality Los Angeles (a.k.a. VRLA), we're building a Mixed Reality Easter Egg Hunt in partnership with Microsoft Hololens.

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It's an ambitious project with a very tight deadline. Our mission is  to demonstrate how the Hololens can be used for an entertaining  experience. We want people to be amazed by the magic and potential of  mixed reality.

For now, I'll only reveal the basic premise: In the experience, you  have a limited amount of time to find virtual eggs with real chocolates  at the end.

A challenge we face here is that the Hololens has been treated as a  professionally-oriented device -- as in, perfectly fit for professional  applications in a working environment. The device has rarely been used  in consumer scenarios until now. But we believe that when done right,  the Hololens can involve and engage you in some surprisingly fun ways.

So when you hit the conference floor in Downtown LA this weekend, look for the big tree and come say hello.

Looking forward to seeing you at VRLA.

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