Mid April, for VRLA 2017, We delivered the first mixed reality entertaining consumer experience of this scale with the Hololens . It was a collaboration with VRLA in partnership with Microsoft.


Create a whimsical futuristic Easter egg hunt using the Hololens.


  • People exit the experience impressed.
  • Create positive brand recognition and have media talking positively about it.
  • Get 500 people through the experience.

The project

It’s a 50’x30’ booth with a physical set designed to feel like you are inside a computer game.

MR Easter Egg Hunt

After waiting in line, visitors get fitted with the device and briefed on the experience. Once ready, they enter the experience where the set comes alive with flowers, butterflies, rabbits and 5 eggs to find and open. We’ve added a few surprises with 3 bunnies, a dog, a flying baby dragon and fireworks!!

At the end of the experience we set up a photo-booth feature where our visitors can gather and get their pictures taken with the creatures and eggs.

Twitter shared AfterNow photobooth

Visitors can then enter their emails to get their picture. They then can share it on social media with the suggested links and hashtags.

Last, but not least, everyone receives a Hololens chocolate bar!!!

Hololens chocolate

The results

We met all of our objectives, and it was a bigger success than expected. We beat our through output by 45%. We were not expecting 3 hour waits in line, but even after 3 hours of waiting our visitors responded positively and said it was worth the wait.

VRScout UploadVR Upload VR
CNet NBC 4 Los Angeles The Attack
混合實境新體驗 科技應用尋彩蛋


This is the first of its kind. Mixed reality devices like the Hololens are professionnel devices designed for the workplace. They have not been used much in consumer scenarios for entertainment or branding purposes.
With this first success we have demonstrated that mixed reality experiences with Hololens can enable memorable experiences that give visitors a glimpse of the future.

Want to read more about it check out the Full making-of and behind the scene article.