The Lab is core to AfterNow. Two of our existing products came out of our Lab. Anyone can propose an idea, build a team and create a product using the company processes, talents, and resources. Sometimes we open our Lab to outside startups we believe in.

ooHar: out of Home augmented reality

By Philippe Lewicki / 07 March , 2019

A new augmented reality headset for Immersive location based entertainment in AR

POC: Analytics: Heatmap on the Real World

By Philippe Lewicki / 04 October , 2018

Once we got the Magic Leap, we started experimenting with its features right away. When David showed me the eye tracking example, I was very impressed by its accuracy while looking at real objects. We then got the idea to create a version of heat maps we have in data

AfterNow Prez, create impactful and memorable AR presentations

By Philippe Lewicki / 07 February , 2018

AfterNow Prez is an augmented reality presentation tool that allows anyone to create immersive and compelling presentations that are memorable.

Blocker, augmented reality for filmmakers

By Philippe Lewicki / 27 September , 2017

Taking advantage of the new augmented reality features of Apple ARKit, AfterNow has created an app for filmmakers. Blocker is a creative tool for filmmakers. It combines a director's viewfinder with the ability to place virtual characters in order to quickly compose shots. It can be used for blocking or

Filmmaking in Augmented Reality: An application to help filmmakers

By Jesse Vander Does / 03 July , 2017

The film industry isn’t new to mixed reality -- the visual effects industry has been mixing real and computer-generated (CG) elements for decades, and the complexity of those effects has grown incredibly. As an agency that specializes in developing mixed reality applications that enable creative work, we’re planning

Extend Your Phone Screen with the HoloLens

By Jesse Vander Does / 01 March , 2017

The HoloLens has three main inputs: voice, gaze and gesture. These were thoughtfully chosen by Microsoft designers to leverage what the HoloLens does well and to form a solid foundation for consistent interactions between applications. Still, sometimes I feel like these are blunt instruments. If you've used the Vive, you've

Improving UX on our Hololens light-controlling app using 3D space

By Melissa Kaplan / 23 December , 2016

Our mixed reality experiences are continuing to evolve as we expand  our practices in holographic UX. We can see the changes in our HoloLens  Hue app, one of our earliest applications and "lights on" moments when  we began exploring the Hololens' potential to work with the Internet of  Things. Anthony

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