The Lab is core to AfterNow. Two of our existing products came out of our Lab. Anyone can propose an idea, build a team and create a product using the company processes, talents, and resources. Sometimes we open our Lab to outside startups we believe in.

Filmmaking in Augmented Reality: An application to help filmmakers

The film industry isn’t new to mixed reality -- the visual effects industry has been mixing real and computer-generated (CG) elements for decades, and the complexity of those effects has grown incredibly. As an agency that specializes in developing mixed reality applications that enable creative work, we’re planning

Case Study: Mixed Reality Easter Egg Hunt

The first largest out of home augmented reality experience

Extend Your Phone Screen with the HoloLens

The HoloLens has three main inputs: voice, gaze and gesture. These were thoughtfully chosen by Microsoft designers to leverage what the HoloLens does well and to form a solid foundation for consistent interactions between applications. Still, sometimes I feel like these are blunt instruments. If you've used the Vive, you've

Improving UX on our Hololens light-controlling app using 3D space

Our mixed reality experiences are continuing to evolve as we expand  our practices in holographic UX. We can see the changes in our HoloLens  Hue app, one of our earliest applications and "lights on" moments when  we began exploring the Hololens' potential to work with the Internet of  Things. Anthony

Why and how we're porting a virtual reality app into A-Frame

OpenHouseVR [] is a simple workflow for real estate agents to show a walkthrough of a house in virtual reality with a Google Cardboard VR headset. We had a custom ThreeJS [] 360 House viewer app we created for the second version of OpenHouse VR. The

We've built a mini map for Hololens so you can navigate your space.

With mixed reality's holographic interplay  relying on your scope of vision, you never lose track of your place in  the world. And if you're not even sure where that place is, our dev  Anthony just created a localized, GPS-style Hololens app that can help. HoloMaps is a mini map that

Controlling lights with the Hololens and Internet of Things

After using the Hololens for a few weeks, it's become very clear that  this device is the missing link between human movement and the Internet  of Things. And the first way we're demonstrating this is by changing  the way we control Philips Hue lights. Right now, you can use a

OHVR: Our MVP of virtual reality for real estate is ready for testing

We just finished scanning our fourth property for the second MVP [] of OpenHouse VR. It was a beautiful one-bedroom condo in the heart of West Hollywood. This is an exciting milestone as we'll have an app available for Android and Apple in the next few

Through the looking glass: Developing early holographic UX

When you walk into our office at HTML Fusion, the first thing you see is a semi-transparent screen about the size of a New Kids On The Block poster. In our impatience to get our hands on commercial hardware, our team has built our own homegrown augmented reality contraption. Using

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