POC: Analytics: Heatmap on the Real World

By Philippe Lewicki / 04 Oct 2018

Topics: augmented reality | magic leap | analytics | lab | blog

Once we got the Magic Leap, we started experimenting with its features right away. When David showed me the eye tracking example, I was very impressed by its accuracy while looking at real objects.
We then got the idea to create a version of heat maps we have in data analytics, but for the physical world.

Just like heat maps for an app or website, a real-world heat map provides valuable information about users’ attention and understanding of the content. If you can, in the physical world, see where and what your customers are looking at, then you can better understand the user experience and improve your physical spaces.

We then created a working proof of concept to validate the assumption that this would be useful for retailers, restaurants, bars, hospitality, amusement parks, museums, and public spaces.
From validating physical layout to displaying a menu or promotional items.

If you are interested in a demo, please reach out: today@afternow.io or 424-254-0776

Philippe Lewicki

Culver City

Immersed in the metaverse for the past 7 years, international technology speakers. Philippe is working at AfterNow creating the future of human and machines interactions.