AfterNow Prez for Tradeshow and Booth Presentations

By Melissa Kaplan / 17 Aug 2018


Presenting your products or services using the HoloLens or other high-end AR glasses will help your visitors understand your products better. For example, they can test various features, customize its appearance and understand it three dimensionally. This will engage the individual in a way that is far more effective than the traditional method of presenting printed out materials or videos. Utilizing augmented reality technology will attract more visitors to your booth, additionally, due to the spatial nature of the immersive presentations, visitors will better remember the product or services presented.

If you are presenting complex products at your booth, AfterNow Prez can augment it to visually elaborate on it’s functionality. For example, describing the flow of fluids in a complex engine, pump or filter.


AfterNow Prez will help:

Grow your audience

Engage customers and attract a new audience. Get people talking and creating a buzz around what your company is doing.

Expand on information

Elaborate on your products and relay more information in a memorable and visually stimulating way.

Upgrade your conversations

Allow for richer, more in depth conversations with your audience.

Stand out

By giving your visitors an experience that is different from the competition, the result is more leads and sales. Add an interactive element to your exhibit booth and stand out from the crowd.

Bridge communication gaps

Clearly describe your products by allowing your user to visualize it in three dimensions as if it were a physical object.

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