AfterNow Prez for Training and Education

By Melissa Kaplan / 17 Aug 2018


Impactful presentations in Augmented Reality

The emerging impact of Augmented Reality on human performance is on an incline in a vast number of industries because of a wide range of convenience factors. It enhances how users visualize and therefore improves how they receive and follow instructions. This benefits product operations in that they eliminate the need to mentally bridge physical and digital information simultaneously.


AfterNow Prez will help:

Save on cost

Reduce expensive workspace error rates by offloading mental workload to the computer and save on cost. Increase individual efficiency while reducing cognitive effort.

Reduce training time

Visual learning increases skill retention and reduces training time with no external supervision.

Learn rapidly

Increase your ability to rapidly and accurately absorb information, make decisions, and execute required tasks.

Collaborate effectively

Create a collaborative environment where people can communicate in real-time while interacting with virtual objects regardless of their physical proximity to each other.

Bridge communication gaps

Clearly communicate design ideas by visualizing in three dimensions. Improve mutual understanding within teams and obtain objectively better results.

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