Come and join us we are bringing together an engaged group of mixed and augmented reality developers, creators and entrepreneurs. Meet the community, ask questions about the devices from working developers, and try new demos before they hit the market.

Thursday May 4th at 6:30pm


May 4th at Upload LA (4505 Glencoe Avenue, Marina Del Rey, CA)

From 6:30 to 10:00pm


RSVP early! We will have drinks, beer and wine, as well as snacks and the famous Hololens Chocolate (limited quantity).

This month, our meetup will be at a new location: Upload LA ( It’s a coworking space focused on AR and VR.


This month, our first speaker is Philippe Lewicki.

Discussion: How to build entertaining mixed reality experiences with the Hololens.

Philippe will take us through the journey of building the very successful Mixed Reality Easter Egg Hunt. He will describe the process used to produce the experience, the user flow, constant user testing, optimising content creation and overcoming mixed reality technical challenges.
The Mixed Reality Easter Egg Hunt was a one time experience created for VRLA, in partnership with Microsoft.

The experience drew in 3-hour long lines, received positive feedback and was featured on Mashable, VRScout, Cnet, and NBC.

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Hololens: Mixed Reality Easter Egg Hunt:
This will be a watered down version, as the fantastic set is gone. However, if you missed it, this will give you an idea off how it looked inside.

Tango: Mixed Reality live Previz
For set design with the Tango

Surprise demo

If you have something you want to demo, please reach out.

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