AfterNow Prez Remote at the intersection of VR training and XR collaboration

By Philippe Lewicki / 25 Jul 2020

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AfterNow Prez is the leading augmented reality presentation platform enabling large companies to communicate with customers, prospects, and internally for high stakes meetings.

In July 2020, we released AfterNow Prez Remote, a visual platform enabling presentations to be designed and controlled remotely using AR and VR.

AfterNow Prez Remote is uniquely positioned in the market for immersive meetings and virtual reality collaboration, with the ability to create structured presentations consisting of multimedia content and 3D models for a truly immersive experience.

The capabilities of AN Prez Remote lie between AR/VR remote collaboration and traditional VR training.

VR Training

Virtual Reality Training is already a proven and measurable technology that is widely deployed across the enterprise. Walmart is leading the way having already trained 1 million employees using Virtual Reality. In higher education, Case Western University is teaching its medical students using Augmented Reality. From simulation training to soft skills training, Augmented and Virtual Reality proves to be a high return on investment.

Walmart employee using Virtual Reality

Walmart employee using Virtual Reality. (Strivr)

AR/VR Remote collaboration

If you are not familiar with AR/VR remote collaboration, I would recommend reading a recent report done by thought leaders on XR collaboration:

Here at AfterNow, we use Spatial or Mozilla Hubs daily for our daily standup meetings. We've seen great value in replacing traditional video conferencing with XR remote collaboration apps. Bringing 3D objects in the room is one aspect. Still, generally, the interactions with our respective avatars tend to keep us more engaged and attentive as it's closer to a real meeting than one on video.

AfterNow Prez Remote

AfterNow Prez remote is at the intersection of Virtual Reality training and XR Collaboration. We believe that collaborative learning is essential to the learning process.
They enable trainers to go through their training material at their own pace with live interaction from students remotely connected through AR/VR headsets.

We bring together the best of both worlds. Trainers can prepare an immersive course using our easy to use web platform, then start a live class with their audience using an AR/VR headset. Trainees will go through the AR/VR experience and interact in real-time with the trainer or teacher. Allowing for a whole new realm of possibilities to strengthen how we work, learn, and communicate.

Philippe Lewicki

Culver City

Immersed in the metaverse for the past 7 years, international technology speakers. Philippe is working at AfterNow creating the future of human and machines interactions.