Form goggles

By Anna Lewicki / 29 Jan 2020

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The Form goggles are swim goggles with a smart display with the goal to help swimmers train more efficiently. They are connected to your phone through the form app, where you can choose what type of set up you want to be displayed/calculated, the instructions are very simple and easy to follow. The display consists of two stats: the top is always the time, and the bottom can be related to a lap swim workout (unstructured) or an interval based workout (structured).  The stats range from split time, stroke or lap count, distance per stroke, pace per 50 or 100, distance, or calories burned. There are three different screens; one for when you are swimming (which you can turn off if you want), one for when you flip turn, and one for when you are resting. Each one can be set to different stats through the app. These statistics can then be viewed by your coach or even other swimmers who decide to follow your profile.

On the googles there are two buttons on the bottom, with those you can scroll through all the settings, choose a pool length, pause your swim, and save your swim (where the stats will show up in the app). The timer starts right when you start swimming and it will stop or shift to rest time once you stop. Everything is very clear and simple to use.

Wear of Device

The goggles look like regular vanquisher goggles and fit nicely around the eyes. However the side with the display is definitely weighed down and it creates a significant drag when swimming. The first time I jumped in the pool the straps weren't tight enough and so the weight of the display caused the googles to shift and fill with water. Once I adjusted the straps they didn't leak but they did shift a bit when I flip turned.

These aren't made to race with but I still worry about their stability if I do a sprint set, or practice events from the blocks (diving).

The display is clear and easy to read. The fact that it is only on one eye is not bothersome. You can also adjust the brightness.

They come with a case, different sized nose pieces, and a small charger.

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Form Goggles Review


Pros: very useful statistics and in swim calculations,

Cons: display is heavy