Weekly in-depth reviews of augmented reality, hardware, software or enterprise solutions.

Bose Frames

By Anna Lewicki / 20 January , 2020

The Bose Frames are sunglasses with a soundtrack. They look like regular sunglasses but they have miniaturized Bose electronics hidden in the temples.

Microsoft Hololens 2; Enterprise Mixed Reality Glasses

By Philippe Lewicki / 13 January , 2020

Here is our review of the Hololens 2 mixed reality head mounted display.  This review is done on an early version landed to developers to prepare for Hololens 2 development. Its slightly different with the version currently shipping. We will cover the hardware it self and the development kit called

Microsoft Remote Assist Review

By Anna Lewicki / 29 October , 2019

Remote assistance is today the most widely deployed augmented reality use case with hardware and software solutions ready to deploy for enterprises and businesses. This use case can work with most AR headsets from monocular devices up to see-through stereo glasses.

Focals by North Review

By Anna Lewicki / 16 October , 2019

In depth review of the augmented reality glasses, the Focals, created by North. One of the first AR glasses that look and feel like regular glasses.

Microsoft 365 Guides Review

By Anna Lewicki / 10 September , 2019

In depth review of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Guides for Hololens. We go over all the features and highlight pros & cons. Best viewed in VR


By Anna Lewicki / 10 September , 2019

In depth review of the Dreamglass from Dreamworld. Its a simple and cheap tethered device with some potential but lacked in performance.

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