Microsoft 365 Guides Review

By Anna Lewicki / 10 Sep 2019

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Microsoft Guides is part of the Dynamics 365 suite and works on Hololens and iPhones.  It’s an application that covers a typical use case of augmented reality called “step by step instructions”. It is similar to the Microsoft Remote Assistance where an expert helps an in field technician, but with Microsoft Guides it's done through step by step instructions rather than video call. Take, for example, a technician needing help to repair a complicated engine in a factory. There are many engines of the same type in this establishment, so an expert created a guide in advance with step by step instructions explaining how to repair it. The in field technician simply puts the Hololens headset, to be able to work hands free, and aligns the headset with an anchor that is placed on the engine. The instructions then appear in the technicians field of view and the guide can be navigated through with a gaze.

When the expert is creating the guide they can add components to clarify the instructions, such as images or arrows. The images pop up right beside the instructions and the arrows can be placed anywhere in the field of view. The creator of the guide can also add 3D objects, hand gestures, and (... I believe there are more things but I cant remember....).

In this review we did an in depth walk through of a car tune up using Micrsosft Guides.

(The video is a virtual reality video and is best viewed on an VR headset, plug in your favorite head set and head to YouTube or using Firefox Reality VR browser).

Video Review



  • Guides addresses a very popular use case in a clear and efficient way.
  • It is simple to create and use.


  • We ran into some problems when working outside regarding light and connection, but they were related to the Hololens hardware capabilities.
  • You also have to print the anchor in a very specific size and be able to place it on the object that is being repaired.