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By Melissa Kaplan / 20 Dec 2016

Topics: mixed reality | hololens | virtual reality

A large part of our work is done with R&D labs or large companies for which we are under strict NDA, but we still have a few cool projects we can share with![AfterNow Prez](](
AfterNow Prez an augmented reality presentation tool, the powerpoint of ARAlien Wave a game for the Mira Prism on iOSBlocker by AfterNow, filmmakers using augmented reality (ARKit) to prepare shots and scenes.

[![Mixed Reality Easter Egg Hunt](/content/images/2017/04/Booth-logo-final.jpg)](
Mixed Reality Easter Egg Hunt: On location entertainment Hololens experience.

Asynchronous collaboration
A room scale collaboration platform in mixed reality for the teams at Hyperloop Transportation Technology. Coming Soon.

[![Hololens Hue lights](/content/images/2017/02/Artboard-3.png)]( Control the color and brightness of a light by accessing the Internet of Things through the Hololens.

A camera phone installation shooting instant Matrix bullet time. A collaboration with Denizen Company.

[![Doctor Strange change your reality](/content/images/2017/02/Artboard-1.png)](
Change Your Reality: A Global Doctor Strange Experience.

[![Phone as an Hololens Controller](/content/images/2017/10/Phone_Controller.png)]( Using a cell phone as a 6dof controller for the Hololen![Holo-UI](]( Our own Holographic hardware device we used 3 years for user experience experimentation and testing.
Melissa Kaplan

Culver City