A large part of our work is done with R&D labs or large companies for which we are under strict NDA, but we still have a few cool projects we can share with you:

AfterNow Prez

AfterNow Prez an augmented reality presentation tool, the powerpoint of AR

Alien Wave

Alien Wave a game for the Mira Prism on iOS

Blocker by AfterNow

Blocker by AfterNow, filmmakers using augmented reality (ARKit) to prepare shots and scenes.

Mixed Reality Easter Egg Hunt

Mixed Reality Easter Egg Hunt: On location entertainment Hololens experience.

Asynchronous collaboration A room scale collaboration platform in mixed reality for the teams at Hyperloop Transportation Technology. Coming Soon.

Hololens Hue lights Control the color and brightness of a light by accessing the Internet of Things through the Hololens.

A camera phone installation shooting instant Matrix bullet time. A collaboration with Denizen Company.

Doctor Strange change your reality

Change Your Reality: A Global Doctor Strange Experience.

Phone as an Hololens Controller Using a cell phone as a 6dof controller for the Hololens

Holo-UI Our own Holographic hardware device we used 3 years for user experience experimentation and testing.