Controlling lights with the Hololens and Internet of Things

After using the Hololens for a few weeks, it's become very clear that  this device is the missing link between human movement and the Internet  of Things. And the first way we're demonstrating this is by changing  the way we control Philips Hue lights. Right now, you can use a

What I liked about this year's augmented reality headsets at #AWE2016

If I would take away one major thing from last week’s Augmented World  Expo in Santa Clara, it's that hardware is still king. AWE's main  sponsor this year, ODG, focused on showing off their next generation of  head displays. Their current product is the R7, which was released last

Our first look at the Hololens

We're pleased to be developing augmented reality apps with the Hololens for our clients. Want Hololens apps for your company? Join our interest list. Months before the Hololens was released, our dev shop was called to Redmond, Washington to merge minds with Microsoft's augmented reality developers and share our thoughts

3 current uses of virtual and augmented reality that have nothing to do with gaming

Image via vp8hosting.com Mixed reality technology might still be relatively young, but it's already showcasing its strengths in unexpected places, going beyond just the impressive factor to serving as a means for practical solutions. The same way that not-necessarily technical industries began adopting uses for smartphone apps, virtual and

A study of Magic Leap's new CG demo, frame by frame

Magic Leap has been teasing us with the promise of seamlessly mixing the "real world" with computer graphics, aka CG. With half a billion dollars from Google, and possibly $1 billion more on the way, it seems possible that there's truth behind the hype. While a few lucky

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