VRLA Mixed Reality Easter Egg Hunt

This year for Virtual Reality Los Angeles (a.k.a. VRLA [http://https://www.virtualrealityla.com]), we're building a Mixed Reality Easter Egg Hunt in partnership with Microsoft Hololens. It's an ambitious project with a very tight deadline. Our mission is  to demonstrate how the Hololens

March Mixed Reality Meetup in Los Angeles

Our March mixed reality meetup is coming up, bringing together an engaged group of mixed and augmented reality developers, creators and entrepreneurs. Come meet the community, ask questions about the devices from working developers, and try new demos before they hit the market. Mixed Reality Talks and Demos Thurs., March

All Mixed Up: AR and VR are Mixed Reality

I've read and heard many definitions of mixed reality (MR) and there's a lot of confusion. A few misconceptions I've come across: * An MR device is one that understands its environment, but sparse point clouds don't count [https://www.youtube.com/watch?

Extend Your Phone Screen with the HoloLens

The HoloLens has three main inputs: voice, gaze and gesture. These were thoughtfully chosen by Microsoft designers to leverage what the HoloLens does well and to form a solid foundation for consistent interactions between applications. Still, sometimes I feel like these are blunt instruments. If you've used the

Hololens Hue Lights app is live on the Microsoft Store

We're proud to release our first public Hololens app. It's free! Grab a Hololens and Philips Hue light bulb and bridge and download the app here [https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/store/p/hue-lights/9n6jxjf9f4g9]. Take a tour here: It's been an educational journey

Hololens meetup wrap-up: Hue lights, mixed reality UX, and storytelling

Our first mixed reality meetup was a success! Here's a video wrap-up: We gave a demo of our Hololens Hue Lights app, released last week on the Microsoft Store (it's free! Download it here [https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/store/p/hue-lights/9n6jxjf9f4g9] if you have

Improving UX on our Hololens light-controlling app using 3D space

Our mixed reality experiences are continuing to evolve as we expand  our practices in holographic UX. We can see the changes in our HoloLens  Hue app, one of our earliest applications and "lights on" moments when  we began exploring the Hololens' potential to work with the Internet

Our Hololens Applications

What can you do with a Hololens? Anything you can do with a computer or smartphone -- only much, much better. Take a glimpse at our Hololens reel: We've been building our library of applications since before we  received the device. Here is a short list of our

We've built a mini map for Hololens so you can navigate your space.

With mixed reality's holographic interplay  relying on your scope of vision, you never lose track of your place in  the world. And if you're not even sure where that place is, our dev  Anthony just created a localized, GPS-style Hololens app that can help. HoloMaps is

Tales from the Hololens Academy: The many colorful roads to proof-of-concept ideation

This is part of our series covering our sessions at Microsoft's Hololens Agency Readiness program, something we're excited to be participating in with only a few other agencies. Read more about our work with Hololens (and mixed reality) here [http://blog.htmlfusion.com/tag/hololens/]. During

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