virtual reality

virtual reality
3 current uses of virtual and augmented reality that have nothing to do with gaming

Image via Mixed reality technology might still be relatively young, but it's already showcasing its strengths in unexpected places, going beyond just the impressive factor to serving as a means for practical solutions. The same way that not-necessarily technical industries began adopting uses for smartphone apps,

Los Angeles VR and Immersive Technologies Meetup

This Saturday, I will be speaking at the LA VR and Immersive Technology Meetup along with Roy Taylor, Vice President at AMD. Get your ticket here (it's free): Meetup info: I will be talking about mixed realities, the convergence of

OHVR: Our MVP of virtual reality for real estate is ready for testing

We just finished scanning our fourth property for the second MVP [] of OpenHouse VR. It was a beautiful one-bedroom condo in the heart of West Hollywood. This is an exciting milestone as we'll have an app available for Android and Apple in the

5 common virtual reality fears and how we face them.

Dystopian image above from user Oli of the NASA Spaceflight forum [] This year has brought us a deluge in virtual reality tech, and developers are rightfully excited; our office is running with the possibilities, dreaming up and making new things. Envisioning

Tech in Motion Demos: OpenHouse VR, Holo UI: Space Invaders in 3D

Demos of Holo UI with Space Invader 3D and OpenHouse VR at a Tech In Motion event.

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