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By Philippe Lewicki / 21 Jul 2020

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Current events have accelerated the need for remote work technologies, propelling us into the future of work. Working and learning from home is not easy and the transition for education systems and companies comes with significant challenges.

Internet platforms and video conferencing technologies are making remote collaboration possible, but they have their limitations. Employees are losing productivity and students are falling behind.

Emerging technologies exist to bridge the gap between physical presence and remote connectivity. There are ways to regain productivity, increase student attention, and return to profitability.

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Although access to hardware and effective software for augmented and virtual reality is sparse, these technologies have been proven to increase engagement and productivity.

Over the past 5 years, AfterNow has designed and built a number of successful AR/VR technologies and proof of concepts for several Fortune 500 Enterprise clients. From that success and a clear return on investment, AfterNow has created a platform for live immersive presentations to be done remotely using virtual and augmented reality.

Our technology, combined with Meta Quest or Microsoft headsets, empowers sales teams, trainers, and educators all around the world to present immersive content to their audience resulting in increased engagement, satisfaction, and retention.

Intro to AfterNow Prez Remote

AfterNowPrez Remote is an application designed to create stunning 3D presentations for remote high-stakes meetings, collaboration, education, and training sessions.

Simply go to and upload content such as images, text, videos, animations, and 3D models, to create your own presentation.

Organize your content onto separate slides and add beautiful built-in transitions to each piece of content.

Once your presentation is completed online, use your VR or AR device such as the Oculus Quest or HoloLens 2 to position your content in physical space. When you’re ready you can share your unique presentation code with your audience and invite them to watch you present in XR.

As a presenter, you have full autonomy with how you want to conduct your presentation. You play the whole presentation automatically from start to finish or you may pause, play, and navigate between slides to discuss the content with your audience at your own pace and answer questions as needed.

AfterNow Clients

Join the companies that trust AfterNow and take your communications to the 2020s with AfterNow Prez remote.

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Philippe Lewicki

Culver City

Immersed in the metaverse for the past 7 years, international technology speakers. Philippe is working at AfterNow creating the future of human and machines interactions.