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augmented reality
POC: Analytics: Heatmap on the Real World

Once we got the Magic Leap, we started experimenting with its features right away. When David showed me the eye tracking example, I was very impressed by its accuracy while looking at real objects. We then got the idea to create a version of heat maps we have in data

AlienWave a Mira Prism game

Save earth from an alien invasion with AlienWeve a 50s style inspire augmented reality game for the Mira Prism from MiralLab

Blocker, augmented reality for filmmakers

Taking advantage of the new augmented reality features of Apple ARKit, AfterNow has created an app for filmmakers. Blocker is a creative tool for filmmakers. It combines a director's viewfinder with the ability to place virtual characters in order to quickly compose shots. It can be used for blocking or

AR/VR killed the video star

At the end of this year, and early next year, we will see the first  signs of how the medium that we call mixed reality (augmented and  virtual reality) will take its rightful place in entertainment with  books, radio, TV, streaming, movie theaters and gaming. The popularity of escape rooms

Filmmaking in Augmented Reality: An application to help filmmakers

The film industry isn’t new to mixed reality -- the visual effects industry has been mixing real and computer-generated (CG) elements for decades, and the complexity of those effects has grown incredibly. As an agency that specializes in developing mixed reality applications that enable creative work, we’re planning

June meetup, Exploring mixed reality

Come and join us we are bringing together an engaged group of mixed  and augmented reality developers, creators and entrepreneurs. Meet the  community, ask questions about the devices from working developers, and  try new demos before they hit the market. Thursday May 4th at 6:30pm Where & When June 29th

Talk at AWE on UX for practical application in MR

Our Captain, Philippe Lewicki will be giving a talk at Augmented  World Expo (AWE 2017) User Experience for Practical Applications in  Mixed Reality. Processes and tools to better break the barriers from 2D to 3D user interfaces. Mixed reality devices like the Hololens open up a new realm of  possibilities

Case Study: Mixed Reality Easter Egg Hunt

The first largest out of home augmented reality experience

March Mixed Reality Meetup in Los Angeles

Our March mixed reality meetup is coming up, bringing together an engaged group of mixed and augmented reality developers, creators and entrepreneurs. Come meet the community, ask questions about the devices from working developers, and try new demos before they hit the market. Mixed Reality Talks and Demos Thurs., March

All Mixed Up: AR and VR are Mixed Reality

I've read and heard many definitions of mixed reality (MR) and there's a lot of confusion. A few misconceptions I've come across: * An MR device is one that understands its environment, but sparse point clouds don't count []. * Or maybe, it's when a user

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