New technology to support sophisticated sales of wind turbines

Afternow Prez allows your first impression to move from “just another sales presentation” to a singular experience for your prospects.

Beta 2 Release for AfterNow Prez Remote

We are releasing today AfterNow Prez Remote biggest update, full of new features and improvements. From uploading 3D models, self-serve presentations to network stability

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AfterNow Prez Remote at the intersection of VR training and XR collaboration

AfterNow Prez Remote is uniquely positioned in the market for immersive meetings and virtual reality collaboration, with the ability to create structured presentations consisting of multimedia content and 3D models for a truly immersive experience.

AfterNow Prez Remote

AfterNow has created a platform for live immersive presentations to be done remotely using virtual and augmented reality.

Augmented Reality (AR) Presentations and Visualizations

Learn why, when and how you should use augmented reality (AR) presentations in business and the benefits of AR presentations compared to traditional methods.

AfterNow Prez, create impactful and memorable AR presentations

AfterNow Prez is an augmented reality presentation tool that allows anyone to create immersive and compelling presentations that are memorable.