Bose Frames

/ 20 January , 2020

The Bose Frames are sunglasses with a soundtrack. They look like regular sunglasses but they have miniaturized Bose electronics hidden in the temples.

Perceptoscope: augmented reality for parks, cityscape, and museums

/ 14 January , 2020

Perceptoscope is reviving this old, nostalgic concept of viewfinders by adding a layer of augmented reality.

Microsoft Hololens 2; Enterprise Mixed Reality Glasses

/ 13 January , 2020

Here is our review of the Hololens 2 mixed reality head mounted display.  This review is done on an early

Why, When and How to Use Augmented Reality (AR) Presentations

/ 07 January , 2020

Learn why, when and how you should use augmented reality (AR) presentations in business and the benefits of AR presentations compared to traditional methods.

5G Smart-City; Interactive AR

/ 15 December , 2019

AfterNow created an interactive augmented reality experience superimposed on a scaled down physical model of a 1.5 mile autonomous vehicle testing strip (sized 8’ X 3’) to highlight various components of Sprint 5G and Peachtree Corner's smart city infrastructure.

Microsoft Remote Assist Review

/ 29 October , 2019

Remote assistance is today the most widely deployed augmented reality use case with hardware and software solutions ready to deploy for enterprises and businesses. This use case can work with most AR headsets from monocular devices up to see-through stereo glasses.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Mixed Reality

/ 21 October , 2019

We have experience in implementing solutions using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Mixed Reality applications.

Job offer for Spatial User Experience designer

/ 02 October , 2019

We are looking for a UX designer skilled in interaction and visual design, customer and user experience design with specialized skills and talent for NUI (Natural User Interfaces)

ooHar: out of Home augmented reality

/ 07 March , 2019

A new augmented reality headset for Immersive location based entertainment in AR

POC: Analytics: Heatmap on the Real World

/ 04 October , 2018

Once we got the Magic Leap, we started experimenting with its features right away. When David showed me the eye

AfterNow Prez, create impactful and memorable AR presentations

/ 07 February , 2018

AfterNow Prez is an augmented reality presentation tool that allows anyone to create immersive and compelling presentations that are memorable.

AlienWave a Mira Prism game

/ 27 December , 2017

Save earth from an alien invasion with AlienWeve a 50s style inspire augmented reality game for the Mira Prism from MiralLab

Blocker, augmented reality for filmmakers

/ 27 September , 2017

Taking advantage of the new augmented reality features of Apple ARKit, AfterNow has created an app for filmmakers. Blocker is

Case Study: Mixed Reality Easter Egg Hunt

/ 24 April , 2017

The first largest out of home augmented reality experience

Extend Your Phone Screen with the HoloLens

/ 01 March , 2017

The HoloLens has three main inputs: voice, gaze and gesture. These were thoughtfully chosen by Microsoft designers to leverage what